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The first principle of conduct in this firm's practice of law is uncompromising integrity.  In this age of complex and competing values and public cynicism, we remain committed to straight dealing with our clients as well as our adversaries and associates.  We do not confuse vigorous advocacy with discourtesy, or dissembling.  We understand the difference between a mutually beneficial settlement and the surrender of principle.  The firm will not compromise its reputation through either a lack of candor or the pursuit of illegitimate claims.  We believe that good attorney-client relationships are built on the quality of our service and our concern for our clients’ real interests. 

At Dunn & Browne, a practice emphasis is upon the legal and estate planning needs of the elderly and families with autistic or develop-mentally disabled “special needs” children.  A unique feature of DUNN & BROWNE, L.L.C. is our "triage" policy of addressing the client's real legal and business concerns.  This means that the firm renders services in accordance with the client's priorities rather than our own.  We will not exhaust limited client resources by rendering services inappropriate for the matter at issue.  On the other hand, we will devote ourselves to the client's threshold matters which affect the foundations of its business or his or her personal legal rights and interests.

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